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Nokia Mobiles Dual SIM mobile Phone models and prices

India Nokia Mobiles Dual SIM: mobile Phone models and prices | Mobile Phone | Mobile phone has become necessity even for common people. In all metros in India the number of mobile phone SIM card (numbers) have surpassed the population. More people are having more than one cell phone number and this means more than one SIM card. This is making the mobile users to carry two mobile phones. This has created the market for dual SIM mobile phones in India.

Dual SIM mobile phones from Nokia in India:

 Nokia Dual SIM model Features  Price in India ( Rs) approximate
 Nokia C1-00  Dual SIM, FM Radio, Torch  Rs.1,750/-
 Nokia C1-01  Dual SIM, Camera  Rs.2.300/-
 Nokia C1-02  No camera  Rs.2.100/-
 Nokia C2-00  Dual SIM(GSM+GSM), Mp3 Player  Rs. 2,600/-
 Nokia X1-01

Nokia has so far launched only basic models that support dual SIMs. There are no smart phones that support dual SIM from Nokia. Some dual SIM mobile phones are having limitations like only one SIM card (mobile number) functions at a time. - Mobile Phone

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