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BlackBerry 9530 Storm User Manual

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Physically, the Blackberry Storm 9530 has an elegant body. The dimensions are 112 x 62 x 14.2 mm, and weighs 130 grams. To access the touch screen, easier to do among two hands. One hand and the other holding a mobile phone to access the touch screen. Type Capacitive touch screen is, so any help stylus pen is not needed anymore. The screen uses TFT technology among 65K colors depth.
Note :
When exposed to the touch icon finger, arguably sensitive response.

The camera has a power of its 3.2 MP lens, the maximum resolution that can be generated from the snapshots is 2048 x 1536 Pixels. These aspects complement for cameras such as auto focus, flash light, white balancing, night mode, contrast and brightnes moreover presented in order to maximize the shots. The camera can be used to record video among a duration ebrgantung on memory capacity. 
though the aspects of Instant Messaging and Push Email are some of your favorite aspects on the Blackberry mobile-phone output, aspects a music player as well as an entertainment treat unreliable. In the 9530 series Storm music player sound quality is okay. These aspects are complementary Equalizer, Shuffle, Bass Booster and Stereo Speakers. Slot for listening to music via a 3.5 mm headset. 
Exploring the virtual world is to be advantages for the BlackBerry device has a unique compression, so do not be too greedy consuming data and its effect opening web pages easier, especially Storm capable of running on the 3G anyway.
Note :
When high network traffic, open the site in a long time Blackberry browser loading.

Blacmkberry Storm 9530 is equipped among a 1400 mAh lithium ion battery. The vendor claims the battery can last up to 336 hours of standby time, and when enabled to call can last up to 5 hours. From the test results, by using the Blackberry Messenger and Yahoo messenger continuous, it can not last up to 24 hours.
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