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LG Optimus G Pro manual aka LG E985 User Guide

LG Optimus G Pro Manual | The LG Optimus G Pro manual aka LG E985 User Guide contain many information and instructions to operate this smartphone. You can download the pdf manual directly at LG official website. The LG Optimus G Pro user manual support in english language and it has 131 pages. It's devided into 21 section. The following main subject of this manual:

Phone layout with menu and keys functions Tutorial Installing the SIM card and battery and Charging your phoneInstructions Inserting a microSD cardFormatting the microSD cardTouch screen tipsLock phone guideCustomizing your Home screen and the Apps screenCreating Google accountMaking a call and settingsUsing camera and settingsRecording a video, Using gallery, video wiz, maps latitude, pay store, Gtalk and using GmailUSing other applications like Qsilde, Quickmemo, VU Talk, Setting the alarm, task manager, using polaris office, LG Tag+Using Wi-fi and bluetooth, NFC, file networking, mobile hotspot, Bluetooth tethering, VPN setting, phone ringtone, security,backup and reset, factory data reset, Phone Software Update, troubleshooting, safety and accessories info

Table of content for the LG Optimus G Pro Manual / LG E985 User Guide:
Important NoticeYour Phone Getting StartedYour Home screenGoogle Account setupCallsContactsMesssaging / EmailSocial NetworkingCameraVideo Camera MultimediaGoogle ApplicationsUtilitiesThe WebSettingsLG On-Screen Phone 3.0Software Update TrademarksQ&AAccessoriesFor your safetySafety guidelines

LG Optimus G Pro Troubleshooting (Page 102)
How do I view the list of outgoing calls, incoming calls and missed calls?Why is the connection inconsistent or not audible in certain areas?Why is the connection inconsistent or abruptly disconnects even when established?Why does the phone heat up?Why does the battery run out so quickly during normal use?Why is no number dialed when an Address  Book entry is recalled?The screen got frozen. How can I solve this problem?
Download the LG Optimus G Pro Manual aka LG E985 User Guide here

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